You should wear nothing at all

I’d PROBABLY be cold if I did that

if you could only eat one flavour of ice cream ever in the rest of your life what would it be? or froyo bcuz liek preferences


Then why do you wear makeup ??? ? ???? ?

Because putting makeup on is fun?? Because it makes me feel good about myself?? Because it makes me feel comfortable?? Because I love pissing boys off??

y r u so cool like i dont get it wtf. teach me ur ways pls ily

Are u making fun of me??? Huh???

It makes the guy sounds super entitled as if the girl is wearing make up for him in the first place


I would that get you mad?? Idgi

I HATE it when boys tell girls to wear less makeup “because they’re beautiful and they don’t need it” like who are they to tell someone to wear less makeup it makes me so mad ban all boys from opening their mouths ever

I’m so pissed off I was at the apple store and the guy who was helping me was like you’re beautiful you should wear less makeup you don’t need it AND I AM SO MAD so so mad I just nodded and was like ok. Thanks

Why tf are you even having sex

Because I….want to…..I don’t understand this dumb ass question